5 Ways to Respond to a Slowdown in Business

1. Generate business insights from pre-slowdown business data

Revisit the Google Analytics for your website. Identify the bounce rate of the users on your site. Analyse the type of users, channels of acquisition and time-of-the-day or week users tend to spend more than or less than average time on your website. Deep dive into the services you have offered in the past twelve months, identify the personas of the patients who have been loyal to you and the types who did self-checkout.

2. Re-examine every aspect of your business models

You will come across a lot of hidden gems about your business as you analyze it deeply. You will identify ideas to create new blogs, or marketing campaigns; add new features to your website; find a new area of interest or to study further. You may also come up with new pricing structure or service offering.

3. Cut costs to improve operational efficiencies

Identify all the expenses incurred to do business such as marketing costs, the time spent on managing social media, identifying ways to self-promote, amount of time you spend travelling and so on. Identify the opportunities to generate greater output or returns for the same or lower cost, or with less effort.

4. Invest in developing new patient personas and segments

Your business data will help you to identify different kinds of patients’ personas you treat. Each persona creates certain value for your business. You may find that buying patterns emerge from your customer or patient buying data, a new way to develop your business and services.

5. Post content on your site to strengthen your SEO rank

Position yourself as an expert in the field of your focus, like one of our clients’ is highly passionate about treating patients with Mental Health issues like ADHD. They are now writing, blogging, podcasting and posting on social media about their core area of passion and treatment. This helps people with such needs to find the right resource fast. And your impression as a credible source is cemented even before the appointment is booked. Moreover, your site ranking on Google grow fast.

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