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Lead Gen Chatbot for Small Businesses

Convert high percentage of users into paying customers with the Lead Gen chatbot

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"Very professional and always available when you need them. Always going the extra mile to help their customers.  We are getting more bookings through the site."

—  Dr. Christina Christoforou, ND

Owner - Holistix Naturopathic Clinic

8 Reasons why ChatBots are highly effective


of the leads acquired are converted on ChatBots*

24/7 Customer Service: People are searching for information on the Internet all the time

Acquiring QUALIFIED leads: Get relevant info on the customers’ needs and contact details

Remarketing: Acquire contact information about your potential clients and send marketing messages

Speed: Using Chatbot quickly provide basic info or answer FAQs about your business

Increased Engagement on your website: Lead users to the relevant info they are asking for on chatbot

Instant connection: Divert leads to your WhatsApp, FB Messenger or Phone Texting App if you want to chat with them

Tracking the results of your adverting: Get to know how they found you

Cost saving: Chatbot is highly effective yet very cost effective

*This stat was observed on the sites of our clients

What is a ChatBot

A ChatBot is a chat application installed on a website or a landing page.

Chatbots is an online receptionist...

You have own a physical location for your business, then your website is a virtual location. Like a receptionist interacts with the customers in the store or over the phone, a well-developed and designed chatbot interacts with your potential customers online.

If you have done the hard work for marketing and leading online users to your website, a chatbot can engage the users further, ask them relevant questions and nudge them to book an appointment with you or leave relevant information to follow up.

Chatbots measure and improve your marketing efforts...

How do you know which marketing channel is most effective? A well-develop chatbot flow can help you ask relevant questions and get as much information as possible from your website users. A smartly curated questions not only create a fun experience for the users to provide you relevant information about them but also increases your credibility through customer experience (CX) on the website.

Chatbots give you greater control over potential relationships with new customers...

If someone reaches your website after-hours, chatbots can be set up to divert the inquires to text apps on your phone. This way you do not lose a potential customer even if they are texting you after-hours.

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