Case Study

Holistix Naturopathic Clinic

Fuels its organic growth with a highly intuitive website

Over 9x Monthly ROI with 6+ new organic clients per month


Holistix Naturopathic Clinic builds a solid foundation for its digital presence by investing in a highly optimized website that ranks high on search engines like Google, and converts users into paying clients.


"[ScaleUp42 team is] very professional and always available when you need them. Always going the extra mile to help their customers. They also provide you with the best advise regarding your business needs and help cater your website to achieve the most views/clicks. 

We have more patient bookings through the website and its chatbot feature."

—  Dr. Christina Christoforou, ND

Owner - Holistix Naturopathic Clinic

The Challenge

Holistix Naturopathic Clinic, located Oakville, Ontario, is owned and operated by Dr. Christina Christoforu, ND. Dr. Christina wanted to redesign her clinic's digital presence with a new website and fuel online growth.

Our Approach

Step 1

We collaborated with the client to understand their business goals, the services and treatments they provide to their patients and their key areas of strengths. 


Step 2

Our designers built a sitemap (a blueprint) for the website that visualizes and predicts possible user engagement and workflows; the users' movement across the site.

We set up a CHATBOT with conditional workflows that interacts with the users and swiftly captures the information to book appointments. 

Step 3

Our engineers continuously monitor the performance of the website and remove any bugs or possible threats to the site that may affect its speed and  performance


More than 55% of the traffic (greater that 150 sessions) come to the site through Organic Search, like Google Search, when users are looking for services Holistix offers.

Around 10% of users fill their information in the CHATBOT.

50% of users who interact with the CHATBOT and leave their contact information book appointments.

Estimated RoI is 9:1, that is, for every dollar spent on website management, Holistix generates $9 in revenue.