We are transforming small and mid-sized, local and community businesses for digital future

About Us

ScaleUp42 isn’t just a business. Its an idea, a vision and a belief that, given the right tools to small and medium sized local businesses, they can compete strongly with large businesses - acquire, maintain and scale their businesses. The number 42 - from various stories, legends and imaginations - represents “you can be whatever you want it to be”. We believe that an individual’s, company’s or community’s growth depends only on one factor their belief.

Our clients are forward leaning thinkers who continually design their own growth through self-reinvention. They believe in the value they provide to their customers. They are willing to go the extra mile to create and achieve that value. Their sustainability and position in the market is created by their ability to disrupt their own comfort zone.

We are proud to serve such passionate entrepreneurs who change their own world and that of their customers with their conviction, strong belief and by serving the needs of their communities. It is their growth-mindedness and passion that drives us to go beyond expectations or terms of contracts. We are just the architects and choreographers of our clients’ growth story.


With gratitude, ScaleUp42!

Meet The Team

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Ameya Juvekar

Business Development & Managing Partner

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Ameya's passion for human-centered business development and strong empathy towards the state of small and medium businesses (SMB) led him to start ScaleUp42. After graduating from Queen's MBA program he worked with SMB clients for over 5 years. His vision is to transform SMBs by using Data, Design and Behavioural Thinking, and create opportunities for them to compete. In his free time he loves to play cricket, read and cook.


Ashwin Khanapur

Data Advisor/Partner

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Ashwin is a data guy. He loves to work with numbers and build statistical models. He looks at opportunities of growth and scale from numbers' lens and quantifies ideas. His work is key in understanding how consumers make buying decisions, finding insights and recommending solutions. He is a cricket lover and, during free time, he plays cricket with Ameya and Raj.


Raj Bezbaruah

Ops Advisor/Partner

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Raj is a digital transformation consultant and an Agile Specialist. His field of expertise includes product development and management, digital strategy, UI UX as well as introducing Agile framework to improve your business. Consulting and mentoring is his passion and loves innovation. During his leisure time, you will find him hiking trails, backcountry camping, scuba-diving or playing county cricket.